Immigration Appeals


Is used to file an appeal or motion on any decision under the immigration laws in any type of proceeding over which the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) does not have appellate jurisdiction. The appeal or motion must be filed with USCIS in accordance with the regulations.


BIAs are appeals processed at the Board of Immigration Appeals. Cases are assessed by our senior attorneys only for the strongest available appellate arguments. F&D also offers additional case processing and counseling.

9th Circuit

The Ninth Circuit appeal is available for 30 days after the Board of Immigration Appeals issues a BIA denial. Certain restrictions apply.

Motion To Re-calendar

When proceedings have been administratively closed and a party wishes to reopen the proceedings, the proper motion is a motion to recalendar, not a motion to reopen. A motion to recalendar should provide the date and the reason the case was closed.

Motion To Reopen (MTR)

These motions are utilized for several distinct purposes. Often filed with the Immigration Courts, MTRs are designed to reopen court proceedings and usually to correct a wrong that was perpetrated in a prior court proceeding.

Motion To Continue

A request for a continuance of any hearing should be made by written motion. The motion should set forth in detail the reasons for the request and, if appropriate, be supported by evidence.

Motion To Terminate (MTT)

These motions are filed when an alien has achieved legal status and removal from the United States is no longer justified under the law. Motions to Terminate will enable immigrants to adjust status to lawful permanent residency through US Citizenship & Immigration Services (US CIS) outside of immigration court.

Motion For Change Of Venue

Motion for Change Venue is an available option for immigrants who move and relocate their residence from one city to another inside the United States.

Stay of Removal

Humanitarian version of asylum available for those with medical conditions or those who are unable to obtain asylum due to certain criminal convictions.

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