The team at F&D is equipped with the knowledge and dedication to assist in a variety of other immigration legal matters, some of which include:

I-90 Greencard renewals

Application to renew or replace one’s green card


An administrative appeal of an unfavorable decision by US CIS.

DACA Dream Act

Renewals and extensions of legal DACA status are available for those individuals who qualify for this ongoing continuing program. This program may be subject to court action or Presidential executive action at any moment which may or may not limit and/or alter eligibility for the DACA program.

I-765 work permits

Applications to obtain the actual card that authorizes a person to work legally in the United States.


Live Scans, State of California Department of Justice report


The Freedom of Information Act requests to obtain a copy of your governmental file from the US government.


Temporary Protected Status is based solely upon an individual’s native country and date of entry into the United States.


Several types of waivers (e.g., I-601 waivers, I-601A, I-212 waivers) are often available to pardon and excuse negative conduct to allow individuals to complete legal status processing with the forgiveness element established through the applicable waiver. Contact us today and let F&D’s experienced litigation attorneys assist in filing your relief waiver.

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